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• 5/27/2014

Update to the MS Battle Type System

This hasn't been posted on the Metal Shadow Wiki yet because laziness.
I've updated the battle types for Metal Shadow's battle system. The original centered around 5 parameters, Strength, Range, Speed, Faith, and Science, which together determined 8 other stats which could be used for battle. I've since updated the Range parameter to Energy, and then deleted it. The current system has 4 parameters: Str, Spe, Skill, and Spirit. Spirit is replacing "Faith" and "Range/Energy" as the determinant for Magic.
As a result of this upgrade, the system now features 9 balanced classes:
-DUELLER-[2-2][2-2]HP 8SP 8Att 8 Def 8Mag 8 Sta 8Acc 8 Eva 8
Good at everything; sword is best weapon (5 Pow, 2 Wgt). NOTE: this class sets the standard for all others; therefore 8 is the definition of an "average" stat. "High" and "low" means a stat is above and below 8, respectively. ALSO: the layout is [Str-Spe][Ski-Spi] for the 4 base params. A weapon's "Pow" is multiplied by the user's Str to get the "Att" for that weapon. The Wgt means the user must have that much Str to use, or else the weapon's attacks will move at slower speed or, in some cases, can't be used at all.
-ARCHER-[2-2][3-1]HP 8SP 6Att 6 Def 9Mag 5 Sta 7Acc 11 Eva 12
Good at long range weapon combat; bows and arrows are best weapon (9 Att, 2 Wgt). NOTE: Weapons with "Att" instead of "Pow" cannot be multiplied by "Str"; they directly replace the user's "Att".
-MONK-[2-2][1-3]HP 8SP 10Att 11 Def 7Mag 10 Sta 9Acc 5 Eva 4
Good at close-range hand-to-hand; high magic potential but low accuracy means best suited for healing/buffing. NOTE: hand-to-hand battle types should not use weapons; their natural Att is actually higher than the weapon suited for their Str level.
-WARRIOR-[3-1][2-2]HP 12SP 6Att 13 Def 13Mag 6 Sta 3Acc 7 Eva 4
Good mid-range weapon specialist; greatsword is best weapon (6 Pow, 3 Wgt)
-KNIGHT-[3-1][3-1]HP 12SP 4Att 10 Def 14Mag 4 Sta 2Acc 10 Eva 8
Good mid-to-long range weapon specialist with the highest defense of all types; greatbow is best weapon (15 Att, 3 Wgt) but can also use greatswords to great effect (6 Pw, 3 Wgt)
-FIGHTER-[3-1][1-3]HP 12SP 8Att 16 Def 12Mag 8 Sta 4Acc 4 Eva 0
Best unit of all at close-range hand-to-hand; can use greatswords for more damage but not recommended due to low Acc; average Magic potential but low Acc means healing/buffing recommended over offensive spellcasting.
-MAGE-[1-3][2-2]HP 4SP 10Att 3 Def 3Mag 10 Sta 13Acc 9 Eva 12
Good at rapid mid- to long-range magic, offensive or defensive; best weapon is staff (+new spell, 1 Wgt)
-THIEF-[1-3][3-1]HP 4SP 8Att 0 Def 4Mag 8 Sta 12Acc 12 Eva 16
Fastest battle type with highest Eva, but lowest Att and Str means limited mostly to support role at close range; due to great Acc and average Mag best weapon is crossbow (8 Att, 1 Wgt) or staff (+new spell, 1 Wgt); backup with dagger for close-range (4 Pow, 1 Wgt)
-CLERIC-[1-3][1-3]HP 4SP 12Att 6 Def 2Mag 12 Sta 14Acc 6 Eva 8
Highest SP, Mag, and Sta of all types; low Acc means best suited for healing/buffing; best weapon is staff (+new spell, 1 Wgt)
I have to adjust the formulas some more to create greater variety in HP and SP, and perhaps find a way to avoid those 0's. As for how these stats all come together, should I elaborate? It's not your typical RPG battle system. SP, for instance, means "Survival Points", and hitting 0 HP doesn't mean you die. Lemme know what you guys think/if you want to hear more. I'm heading back to work now.
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• 2/4/2014

Welcome to the Dungeons

Here it is, folks. Write Now's very own RP board. I'm naming Aden the warden in charge of coming up with the rules. Everyone, please contribute your input about what those rules should be in this thread.
My own suggestion: I really don't want to see megalith-sized posts in these forums. So there should be a definite, tight limit on the wordcount. This could also create a challenge and make things fun.
Also, since Wikia allows us to edit each other's posts (you guys can do that, right? It's not just me?) we can god mode pretty easily. Definitely need some guidelines for that. The fun kind!
Lastly, can I suggest using Metal Shadow's class system for character creation? I created it to be universal in terms of battle possibilities, and I've been longing to test it out. Only problem is the formulas for stats like Attack, Defense, etc. are unfinished, so we probably wouldn't be able to use it for precise stat calculation. However I've clearly outlined the strengths and weaknesses of each class, specifically which class is weak to what and why.
Don't forget to follow this thread--click "follow" up top.
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