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Official ARoGB Discussion Thread.

This is the official thread for leaving praise, criticism or any other kind of comment on A River of Godsblood. It is adviced you use this thread rather than the comment section if you want to post more than one comment on ARoGB. While the comment section should be spoiler free, the spoiler warning is implied on this thread.

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Alright, let's throw down. I've got my cereal and all my wits about me. This one's gonna be a glorious all-nighter.


Dammit it's hard to get aroused by Sivia lifting her skirt when she's doing it against her will. >.<

I've been wondering for a while about the implications of training under the effects of Godsblood, and this chapter (ch.13 of part 4.5) gave me something to hone in on. Does Sivia get physically stronger when training under the Godsblood? And does the effects of the training stay after the Godsblood wears off?

I thought of a clever slogan for this: Sivia, helpful with Godsblood, helpless without it. Fufufufu.

Btw Don't answer, I'm just thinking aloud here.

Also, the thigh is one of the least interesting places she could have driven that knife. You know where I'm going with this.

On the opening of chapter 14: HOLY SHIT IS THAT AGENT ELF.


Just realized how wickedly cool it is that the Ard army ranks its units with cool names like Gamma and Epsilon. Wish you spent more time describing what they wore though. All I envision is generic fantasy armor, which is not what a badass Delta should be wearing.

Curious that Agent Elf is named Delta here. I look forward to reading about the black man named Elf.


Had to suplex a helicopter that was disturbing the neighborhood just now. It's 2:46 am for crying out loud, fly somewhere else. Now I'm covered in jet fuel and smell like fear.

Anyway, I'm taking my reading to the mobile phone, will leave comments in the marnin'.


Fell asleep instantly. Now I'm just going to procrastinate on Metal Shadow and read this story until it's 11:59 PM or something, and then write the second half of MS chapter 12 in one flashing hot instant.

cough sniff


Like Fiola, just not a girl.


The end of that chapter is just...mwah. Sublime.

Lol I forgot I can just edit these posts to infinity. I've done a combo it seems. Will edit into this post from now on.

Chapter 15: Sivia catches both arrows, snaps them in half, and tosses them away. Archers: okay.jpg

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