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I just had one of those zany ideas.

How does everyone feel about doing something like a "review swap"? In a review swap, I'd review your book if you'd review mine. I think this could really boost the feedback rate around the site. I mean, most of us here already do this to some extent, with waZ being the top member (under me, of course, hehe) because of his active critiques, but what if it was like an official thing? We could request review swaps with other authors via the forum or perhaps on articles themselves, and it can go chapter by chapter or whole-book.

More brainstorming needed on this one. First, what're everyone's thoughts?

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Despite using the medium, I admit I don't read from my computer much. Just not as comfortable as curling up in bed with a book. 

But I think a chapter by chapter review swap would be nice. Maybe not a review per say even, but we could use the forum to post exceprts or just a standalone-able chapter for others to read. I'm tired, not making much sense until I get sleep.


Yeah reading on a computer can be annoying at times. Right now in particular, I am sitting on the hardest goddamn chair ever built and I have to hunch over to see the computer screen because the desk is too low. Not comfortable at all for reading.

If you want to use the forum or your blog to post excerpts, go right ahead. I posted the MS preview blog just a few days ago myself.

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