Aconitum is an supernatural alternate world serial novel by M. Howalt. It began on August 22nd and was serialised on JukePop. The novel is now complete and has been a regular on the monthly Top 30 from September 2014 and until it ended in June 2015. It is still available to read.


The cover of Aconitum

The story is set in an alternative Germany where the industrial revolution has not taken place due to the existence of and continuous struggle with werewolves. The novel revolves around Hector Rothenberg, a licensed werewolf hunter who works for an organisation based in Frankfurt am Main which not only tracks down and kills werewolves who threaten the population, but also devotes resources to research and looking for a cure against the werewolf infection.

Synopsis (or blurb)Edit

As if being a certified werewolf hunter isn’t enough of a moral morass already, Hector Rothenberg hears rumours of a wolf who can change its shape at will, and he realises that he must investigate the truth. But he needs to hurry up - especially if routine missions keep going almost fatally wrong. Aconitum is the story of one man’s physical and mental journey. It is also the tale of a society which knows that werewolves are a real threat, of a doctor with a dark secret, a skilled lady in a lucrative business, a rich aunt, a grumpy, old mentor, a cheeky Frenchman, a village idiot, tragic death, romance gone wrong, and a young man who really wanted nothing to do with any of that. A literary supernatural tale of werewolves, the ones who hunt them, and the people who are caught in the crossfire.


Aconitum mainly revolves around Hector Rothenberg, and large parts of the story is seen from his point of view. However, Sera and Peter are also third person narrators of some chapters.

Main characters:

  • Hector Rothenberg
  • Peter Hessen
  • Sera
  • Royer

Recurring characters:

  • Stephan Holz
  • Regina Rothenberg
  • Anita
  • Louis
  • Tomas Beckenstahl

Brief Summary of the Story by ChapterEdit

This section contains spoilers.

  • Chapter 1 - 2: Hector examines a victim and hunts a werewolf near a small town near Frankfurt.
  • Chapter 3: Sera is visited by Hector who then continues south and hears a mysterious rumour that he decides to investigate.
  • Chapter 4: Peter receives a letter from Hector about his intentions, and Hector runs into a few obstacles on his way to Niedermark.
  • Chapter 5: A defining story from Hector's childhood of when he saw a werewolf the first time and met Stephan.
  • Chapter 6 - 9: Hector arrives in Niedermark and must bargain with the French hunter Pierre Bissette who has caught and imprisoned a young man, Royer, for allegedly being a very atypical werewolf.
  • Chapter 9 - 10: Hector's life as a young hunter and his attempt at courting the local merchant's daughter, Rebekka.
  • Chapter 10: Peter receives another letter from Hector while he is treating the hunter Anita.
  • Chapter 11: Hector deals with another loss as a young man and is helped by fellow hunter Louis.
  • Chapter 12: Hector and Royer get to know each other better on their journey towards Frankfurt.
  • Chapter 13 - 15: Young Peter gets into massive trouble and flees from his hometown. Hector and Anita find him, and Peter settles in in Frankfurt and meets Tomas.
  • Chapter 15 - 17: The already complicated trip gets more complicated for Hector and Royer because of unwanted attention and a werewolf victim in the small town Eberfeld.
  • Chapter 17 - 20: Hector and Tomas deal with a very atypical case involving two killings and an elusive werewolf.
  • Chapter 20 - 22: Full moon is approaching, and Hector is struggling to find the werewolf near Eberfeld. In the process, he is seperated from Royer.
  • Chapter 23 - 24: Hector and Tomas go on a traumatising mission involving a possible zombie werewolf.
  • Chapter 25: Peter confronts Hector about recent events. In the present timeline, Hector is reunited with Royer.
  • Chapter 26: Hector and Royer continue their journey and Peter returns to find another letter from Hector.
  • Chapter 27: Hector and Royer run into unforeseen trouble.
  • Chapter 28 - 30: The story of Hector's most life threatening experience.
  • Chapter 31 - 33: Sera is visited by Hector and Royer and a lot is revealed about her relationship to Hector.
  • Chapter 34: Hector and Royer arrive at their destination.
  • Chapter 35 - 36: Peter's search for extraordinary werewolves.
  • Chapter 37 - 41: The reaction to Royer from Hector's fellow hunters, aunt, and not least Peter. Hector must deal with some issues regarding all this.
  • Epilogue (Chapter 42): How things are looking a few months after the events of Chapter 41.


  • Hector's surname was different in the original manuscript, but it had to be changed because it may cause confusion due to its popularity in our world.
  • Aconitum began as a Camp NaNoWriMo story in 2012, and the first draft was completed during NaNoWriMo 2012.

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