A fantasy story written by waZelda. Start reading here. Currently 2 chapters have been completed.


The uneasy peace between the Darrens and the Petree is disturbed further by a new intelligent species arriving from the south. Both people fear the chance that the Bugal will try to conquer their land, but some see their presence as an oportunity to shift the power balance.


The Darrens have the ab
ility to turn into swords. The transformation is an advantage in combat, but also an exercise in trust, since the transformed will have no consciousness and must count on someone else to turn him/her back. It is possible for multiple people to fuse into one extra strong sword, but the strength of the sword will depend on the bond between the people fusing and a fuse with four people or more is rarely worth it. The Darrens value peace, beauty and love while also caring about skill and contributing to society.

The Petree have no abilities like the Darrens, but have developed incredible skill with bows and archery is almost like a religion to them. In close combat they rely on lances. The trait valued above all other is honesty. Other qualities like loyalty, manners and intellect are also valued.


The Bugals come from a land with much volcanic activity, but are built to survive under rough conditions. The rock-like layer on their back, head and limbs make them able to surive the "stone rain" that follows a volcanic eruption simply by lying face down on the ground. It is also quite convinient for blocking attacks with various weapons. The Bugals are quite large and intimidating to look at, but war is a new conscept to them as the harsh nature has taught them the importance of unity and relying on one another and they have not previously been in contact with other intelligent beings.


Leena and Aneel are Darren twins. They have just moved to the capital after living their entire life in a small village. They have always been very competitive.

Rafear is a Petree soldier. He is quite skilled with a bow and values honesty over loyalty.

Captain Seffer is Rafear's direct superior. He is an opportunist who hates the Darrens with a passion.

(More characters and details to come as it is revealed in the story)