Focal Point is paranormal comedy, flirting with several genres. It is written by M. Howard and serialized on

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Sean considers himself a pretty normal guy. His biggest problems include making ends meet as a freelance photographer, his mother’s obsession over a picture he once took of a puppy, choosing the best wine for a double date, and his perfect boyfriend’s brain surgeon uncle who hates Sean for no apparent reason.

Well, that is until Sean’s whole world starts cracking at the seams. Only, no one else seems to be noticing, and Sean is known to have an overly active imagination. But what’s lurking in the darkness underneath the fabric of reality?

Characters Edit

  • Sean - The protagonist. Works as a freelance photographer. Known for his active imagination.
  • Matthew - Sean's boyfriend. A man who is liked by everyone and is hardly ever in a sour mood.
  • Ali - Matthew's uncle. He has a good relationship with Matthew, but does not care for Sean.

Chapter run-down Edit

Chapter 1: Model Behaviour

Sean snaps pictures for several different commercials in his studio before heading home. We learn that his partner Matthew is better at cooking and knows more about wine, that Matthew's uncle and Sean dislikes each other and that Sean and Matthew are having dinner with Linda and Peter. We also see that Sean can get lost in thought trying to picture a scenario.

Chapter 2: Faded Posters

We learn about how Matthew and Sean met in Lyon and their apartment in Copenhagen being almost too perfect, to the point that they had to live very cheap at first in order to afford it. While hired to take pictures at a concert aimed at teenagers, Sean remembers another concert, but can't quite remember when or where it happened or who played.

Chapter 3: The Ravenous Redheads Edit

After the concert, Sean snaps some pictures of a fan, as well as the band members backstage. They agree to a photo-shoot on a later date. To his disappointment, Sean does get home before Matthew has gone to bed.

Chapter 4: One of Those Days

After what starts as a good morning, goes sour for Sean. Not only is he hit by the splash from a car driving through a puddle, Matthew makes him call Ali and make a time for them to meet. They agree on something several days away, maximizing the chances of a good excuse coming up by then. Sean spends the day in the studio, almost forgetting about the double date with Linda and Peter.

Chapter 5: Linda and Peter

Sean hurts his leg falling down the stairs as he exits the gym. Matthew punishes him for forgetting about buying wine for the dinner by pretending Sean was supposed to make cheesecake. The dinner itself goes well. Their relationship to Linda and Peter is that both Matthew knows Peter and Sean knows Linda from before they were dating.

Chapter 6: A Challenge Edit

They ask Sean about one of their paintings and if he thinks he can do better. Sean zones about a bit as they are discussing it. As he snaps out of it, he finds he is holding on to Matthew's shoulder too tightly and the others are giving him strange looks. As he goes to the bathroom, Sean briefly think he sees a caricature of himself, but decides afterwards that he is just drunk.

Chapter 7: Puppy Love

Sean explains to Matthew how annoyed he is that his mother keeps complimenting him on a puppy picture he once took, almost to the exclusion of every picture he's taken since. It bugs him as an artist since he has done a lot of work with higher artistic value, but his mother doesn't appreciate it.

Chapter 8: Grim Reaper

Sean expects Ali to be the one cancelling their appointment, but is horrified when the time grows near and he realizes Ali won't cancel. Their lunch goes well as long as they talk about Matthew's work. Sean gets more clumsy talking about his own work, and trying to fill gaps in the conversation. Still, they both ignore the elephant in the room and it is less awful than Sean was afraid of.

Chapter 9: Drought Edit

Sean gets a message from an old friend Robert that he is coming to town. Sean is worried, because where Robert goes, fun follows, with problems and embarrassment right behind it. Sean has a strange dream about being in a society where they make blood sacrifices to combat the drought. He has a hard time waking up that morning, but eventually goes to work, shooting pictures for a pizza place.

Chapter 10: One Can Never be too Artistic with Junk Food

Sean gets way more pizza than he and his coworker Natalie can hope to eat, so they take some to the subway and give it to homeless people. Afterwards, he discovers that Matthew has made an appointment with his uncle, so Sean will be alone with Robert.

Chapter 11: Last Friday Night

Robert is late. Sean is a bit relieved to learn that he is leaving the next day. They go out to a bar. Sean wisely declines when Robert offers him drugs, but he does get drunker than intended. Robert asks Sean how long he has known he is gay and if he ever thought of Robert that way. Robert is hurt a bit by the answer being no.

Chapter 12: Fire Edit

While waiting for Robert to pee behind a dumpster, Sean thinks he sees a familiar man in the shadows. Out of the blue, there is a scene with an antihero violently taking out a group of gangsters, first by attacking them with a spear, then fleeing the scene and lighting it on fire.

Chapter 13: Contrasts

Sean's phone ringing wakes up. He is on the floor of the train station. Matthew is worried and angry. When he gets home, Sean discovers he had already been home and then headed out for a walk. The fact that Sean remembers nothing does not help the issue. Sean's attempts to calm Matthew down just makes matters worse.

Chapter 14: 2PM

In the middle of the fight, Sean zones out, imagining a scene where he has come back after being away from Matthew for years. When Matthew snaps him out of it, the former is no longer angry, just worried. They both experience a variety of emotions before they go to sleep.

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