Lyncia is a fantasy story written by J.A. Waters. It began on January 20th, 2015 and is being serialised on JukePop. The novel is updated with a new chapter every Wednesday.


Lyncia Cover

The story is set in a mythical, fictional world called Nalan made up of six major continents and a plethora of kingdoms and races. The novel follows the first-person narration of Lyncia Eyresin, daughter of the King of Galania, as she becomes an adult and fights for her place in the world.

Synopsis / BlurbEdit

Lyncia Eyresin is daughter to the King of Galania, a powerful ruler on the world of Nalan. She wants to be heard, wants to make a difference. Few have such power to cause true change as rulers and their family, however, to exercise her power as princess she must play by her father's rules. Those rules go against her stubborn nature and it seems long past time to challenge the current order's chafing shackles.

Yet the peace and prosperity of the kingdom are built on a wealth of secrets. Resisting the conditions of tradition will uncover those secrets, leading Lyncia down a twisting path of strange forces and stranger beings. Lyncia's adulthood becomes a lesson of many gods, many secrets, and many plots. She learns very quickly that freedom always has a price.


Lyncia is told from the perspective of the title character, Lyncia Eyresin, and the story is seen solely from her viewpoint. Along the way she meets a plethora of individuals, including her long-time trainer Jacob, her Lady-In-Waiting Aylee, her powerful father Jonath Eyresin, and the strange Trehbit Marko.

Main characters:

  • Lyncia Eyresin
  • Jacob Percept
  • Jonath Eyresin
  • Trehbit Marko

Recurring characters:

  • Aylee Carver
  • Myla Solucia

Brief Summary of the Story by ChapterEdit

This section contains spoilers.

  • Chapter 1: Lyncia is introduced to the reader as she practices with her long-time trainer and friend, Jacob Percept.
  • Chapter 2: Aylee is introduced as the two talk of Lyncia's first win against Jacob and Lyncia thinks over her father's control.
  • Chapter 3: Lyncia finds out that her father has been planning behind her back on matters of the kingdom, and Lyncia's future.
  • Chapter 4: After feeling threatened by her father's plans, Lyncia decides to run away, much to the horror of Aylee.
  • Chapter 5: During her visit to Torath, the local town near the Capitol, Lyncia realizes that she can't leave behind her responsibilities and she won't run.
  • Chapter 6: Lyncia challenges her father and asks to be included in the planning, but learns that Galania means to go to war, fighting with the King over this news.
  • Chapter 7: Lyncia speaks with Aylee and they talk of the princess' plan to use the council against her father.
  • Chapter 8: The council is divided between those that stand for war, and those that stand for peace; Lyncia tries to change the vote for peace but fails.

World MapEdit

A broad overview of the world of Nalan:


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