Reaper Ex Magus is an high-urban fantasy novel written by Anthony Ridad.
Reaper Ex Magus Cover

2013 cover for Reaper Ex Magus - art by Anthony Ridad

The series is set in an imaginary world where magic is the norm. Every person is born with powers over one of the three magical disciplines, Sorcery, Witchcraft, and Alchemy. A million years ago, a cataclysm destroyed the world. Humanity survived but struggled to live in the ashes of their fallen world. Then one day, thirteen beings descended from the skies to give guidance to the warring factions of man. These beings- called Reapers, are now worshipped as gods by the vast majority of the world. 

However, two years ago, these very same gods declared war on humanity. Now, cities and Kingdoms fall one after another by the Reapers' attacks. Though capable of incredible feats of magic, not even a thousand Magi are a match for a single Reaper. The series follows Chaos Maxwell and Nikita Takahashi, two young Sorcerers who were there when the war began.

Reaper Ex Magus can be read on JukePop Serials.

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