Writer's NoteEdit

The following poem is the result of me watching the anime Psycho Pass. The premise is that in the near future, devices can scan ones mind and use the "Sibyl system" to calculate the state of their mental health, called their Psycho Pass. Even the police's guns use this system, and one can only fire on someone who has been confirmed dangerous. The gun also decides whether to shoot to paralyze or to kill. In the anime, several members of the police has passed the limit where they are deemed "latent criminals", but are still used in criminal investigations. Many of them seem quite stable and competent, they have just spent too much time learning to understand the criminals which they hunt. Besides identifying potential criminals, the system also reads people's minds to recommend them what job they should take etc.

I could go on, but the point is the anime is worth watching and I am fascinated by the implications of the premise.

-- waZelda

The Almighty AlgorythmEdit

The Algorythm knows you best

The Algorythm does not lie

The Algorythm rates your mind

And says if you should live or die

You can't escape its judging eye

The Algorythm has no flaw

The Algorythm holds your trial

The Algorythm is the law

You do not need to choose your path

The Algorythm leads the way

You walk along the colored line

And do not ever dare to sway

The Algorythm is the truth

The Algorythm is the law

The Algorythm is your god

The Algorythm governs all