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  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is Filmmaker
  • I am Male
  • Benderboyboy

    I am so going to ninja the last blog post of the month. As you all may know, I've been following a very strict weekly posting schedule for both 139: In Evening and Years to the End of the World. While I was trying to finish up the latest chapter for In Evening last night, I laid down on my bed for a second of rest and promptly fell asleep. Looks like my body is finally catching up with my mental fatigue. 

    The good thing about having a schedule is that it allowed me to keep writing faithfully, but at the same time, the moment I stop, I lose a lot of momentum in my writing. Like right now, In Evening's chapter 23 is still nowhere near completion since I fell asleep last night, and my dateline is today. I've also not done my novella for the Su…

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  • Benderboyboy

    Summer Novella?

    May 22, 2014 by Benderboyboy

    So JP and Blackhill are coming together to do this Summer Writing Project thing. It's pretty interesting, in case you guys haven't read about it. I'm kind of on the fence about entering though. It's not that I have no interest in it, I'm in fact, really, really excited about it, but am not sure if I can make the deadline while focusing on my 139 stories and their schedule. I mean, it's a novella, so it's not really that long, but still, to churn out an estimated 10,000 extra words in two months is kind of a stretch for me, given my average being a little over 10,000 a month with my current stories. 

    Also, I don't really have any stories to tell at the moment within that length. I have a few fictional worlds of my own that I can readily tap …

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  • Benderboyboy

    I had not expected such a large reaction from my previous post here. It's really heartwarming cause it just proves again how tight knit the writing comittee is. It got retweeted by @JukePopSerials, @AthenaSerial and @Dean_Moses, and got liked by a bunch of people. I'm really, really damn touched.

    So, as for appreciation, I've went ahead and burnt some night oil to add in extra zest for the next chapter of 139: In Evening, hitting an extra 600 words to my usual length. It will also be the last chapter for the first arc, and will result in a major *spoilers*. Oh, I can't say it yet? Fine, I'll just wait for it to come up tonight.

    I also finally have the cover art for 139 Years, my next serial of JP. There's only one problem, I have three colour…

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  • Benderboyboy

    I finally have a few days off to myself, so here's some serious stuff that I want to get off my chest. In no way is this post related to the MS hiatus thing. It's just something that's been bugging me since fanfiction introduced it's readers statistics all those years ago and reignited when JukePop with its author analytics.

    Here's the sad thing about being an author. It's generally a very introverted lifestyle. The world behind out computer screens and pen and paper is our own. We don't get to openly share its entirety, even in our books. I'm sure there are corners of Middle Earth that Tolkien did not tell us, witch and wizards of unique standing that Rowling don't talk of. But we need the exposure for our works to be recognize. Labouring …

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  • Benderboyboy

    I'm not dead!


    Okay, so I'm doing an update on my current situation and giving my pathetic excuse as to why I have not been on the Wiki more. 

    I've been working on a new serial for JukePop that will be out in two weeks. It'll be posted in tandem with In Evening on alternate Fridays so I've got my serial workload on the max. I'm also working on the prologue for my novel in progress, and am quite happy with this 8th rewrite (hah...8th...yeah...) so I've maxed out my 3 stories at one go quota.

    The last thing I'm working on is getting back into the film industries. Some of you may know that in my country, Singapore, there's a mandatory 2 years military conscription (which I hate with a passion) and I'm currently in my last 6 months of it. So, …

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