I had not expected such a large reaction from my previous post here. It's really heartwarming cause it just proves again how tight knit the writing comittee is. It got retweeted by @JukePopSerials, @AthenaSerial and @Dean_Moses, and got liked by a bunch of people. I'm really, really damn touched.

In Evening

So, as for appreciation, I've went ahead and burnt some night oil to add in extra zest for the next chapter of 139: In Evening, hitting an extra 600 words to my usual length. It will also be the last chapter for the first arc, and will result in a major *spoilers*. Oh, I can't say it yet? Fine, I'll just wait for it to come up tonight.

Years to the End of the World

I also finally have the cover art for 139 Years, my next serial of JP. There's only one problem, I have three colour scheme for this and have no idea which to choose. So I was hoping people would be able to help with that decision!

Cover 1 would be my favourite. It's brighter them makes it a nice fit for the Young Adult genre that is a big part of 139 Years.

Cover 2 seems to be the most well-liked by the people I've shown to IRL. But I'm a little on the fence about it since it's a bit too dull for the theme I'm covering.

Cover 3 is edgy. It's cool, and totally embraced the 'end of the world' storyline that 139 Years is telling. It feels too action packed though and might be mistaken for a thriller instead of an adventure story.

So, what do you guys think? Leave something in the comments!

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