I am so going to ninja the last blog post of the month. As you all may know, I've been following a very strict weekly posting schedule for both 139: In Evening and Years to the End of the World. While I was trying to finish up the latest chapter for In Evening last night, I laid down on my bed for a second of rest and promptly fell asleep. Looks like my body is finally catching up with my mental fatigue. 

The good thing about having a schedule is that it allowed me to keep writing faithfully, but at the same time, the moment I stop, I lose a lot of momentum in my writing. Like right now, In Evening's chapter 23 is still nowhere near completion since I fell asleep last night, and my dateline is today. I've also not done my novella for the Summer Writing Project either. By since I started my schedule thing, I've pumped out over twenty chapters without fail.

I should have replied to WaZelda's post about writer's block in that comments section, but I'm too lazy to double post, so here I am. Like him, I am also having a burnout. I guess prolonged writing can be quite tiring. At the same time, I'm afraid to actually take a break in fear that I'll lose momentum. Given the situation as it is now, it's best to let my health catch up first. Can't do anything if I'm too tired.

A friend of mine, Jack, also a writer, is having a brainstorming session ever since summer started. But he's also finding it hard to focus on chapters for four different projects. I'm guessing from eight years of writing experience, we need to filter out the stories we want to write and the ones we can write to be productive, or else we'll just lose the ability to write anything at all.

Taking a cue from Kevin, I'm gonna take a break from In Evening and Years for a week or two and focus solely on my novella. Hopefully I can get it out before August in and be up for the Summer Writing Project. I mean, even manga artist takes a break every now and then. Writing a chapter of a story is no different from a chapter of say, One Piece or Bleach I believe. 

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