Let's face it, we all do it. Procrastination I mean, not the other thing you are thinking about *wink wink*. At least three of my In Evening chapters were done the night before my self imposed publishing date. 

Story Updates

So I've actually finished the next chapter for In Evening last Friday. I could have posted it last week, but I'm procrastinating the posting of my already complete chapter. I don't know if that means I'm lazy or hardworking, or maybe dedicated to the self imposed dates, though thinking back, I have not followed a lot of them in the past years. Always being late with chapters and all that. Well, whatever, Chapter 11: Bad Hound will be out this Friday, regardless.

This Blog Thing

I had quite some stuff that came to mind that I wanted to type the past few days, but I kept holding off on it since I don't want to bombard the site with this blog thing-stuff. Now though, when I am writing it, I can't remember any of the things I want to write about. Stupid brain, you and your brain farts.

Cross Culture Writing

Oh! I remember one. Recently, I've wrote something in The Writer's Lounge about Chinese names in the English World. It got me thinking that perhaps professional writers, especially screenplay writers for those big ass Hollywood films do too damn little research into the opposite cultures they are writing. And that that habit might be a cultural thing. 

I remember the movie From Paris with Love where the protagonist, the bald one, was threatening this 3rd generation American Chinese that doesn't speak Mandarin on how to say 'egg' in Mandarin. And Wax (Yeah! That's the bald guy's name. Wax on, Wax off), said, "It's called FOO YONG!". Everyone in my theatre in Singapore pretty much laughed their asses off, because eggs is actually called 'Dan' (fourth tone for those that read my Chinese in English discussion). Foo Yong Dan being the dish name. It was a joke, really, since the other protagonist (who is so forgettable that I can't remember his name), corrects wax.

Not surprisingly though, my American friends missed the joke and started ordering hard boiled Foo Yong, and were surprised when they got the scrambled egg with meat dish instead. 

Not sure where I was going with that story. There was a point somewhere, but I lost it. I'll find it next time.

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