So I've just picked up a bit of disappointing news. Nerd World ended the month of February with 470 votes on JukePop Serials, a solid performance that put me in 3rd for the month. Unfortunately, it looks like I've failed to make the monthly list entirely.

I've made an inquiry as to why this is, but I think I understand already. It's due to a quirk in how the system records the last date a serial was updated. Recently, JPS changed their chapter submission system, allowing users to submit multiple chapters at once. This is tremendously useful for me, as I like to write ahead and keep several chapters queued up so I don't fall behind. It was especially convenient for Nerd World, which had been entirely written in advance. Since I didn't want to keep opening the old file again and again, I extracted all the chapters and set them all up over the course of one evening.

This is what stung me. You see, the system records the most recent update from the day the most recent chapter was saved, rather than from the day it went live. Put simply, the system doesn't think I've posted anything since January 28th. This means that not only am I not eligible for the list in February but, unless I add another chapter, I'll be ineligible for March as well.

Incidentally, there's a related quirk in the system's timing that runs the other way. If you edit your last live chapter, the system treats it as a brand new chapter and adjusts the timing accordingly. As a result, since I've been updating The Fabulist, the computer now thinks that that serial has been updated more recently than Nerd World.

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