For those who didn't know, the wiki has a forum feature. I turned it off because we have more than enough ways to communicate around here, but I always enjoyed giving people the option on other wikis. The problem is, forum posts don't leave notifications anywhere, so I am working out a way to get forum posts featured on the front page in an activity feed (like the "latest edits" feed). Just gotta figure out where to put it and how to make it work.

When the forums are turned on, you'll see a new section at the end of every article called "Discussions about (name of Article)". For example, if you scroll down A River of Godsblood, you will see "Discussions about a River of Godsblood", and the latest forum post will be listed in that section. There is a button next to this section called "Start a discussion" for creating a new forum thread about the article.

This brings me to an important point: the forums on wikia are not that easy to navigate (in my experience). You will have a general "Forum" button in the navbar up top, but that will take you to a directory which you will have to navigate to get to a forum post. The best way to find a post is to find the article it was posted on, but what if you didn't create the thread in the article itself? What if you don't remember which article the thread was created on?

All very tricky business, but again, I want to leave the option open. I see use for forums in cataloging notes on an article, rather than posting a long stream of comments, some of which will contain spoilers for those viewing. We'll see what happens.

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