And here we are! 2014 has rolled in, and so has the Write Now wiki! I want to thank anyone reading this for checking us out, and wish you a Happy New Year! The wiki has a lofty list of demands, so I wouldn't blame you for turning tail and running. In fact that might be a smart idea. This place, once you get into it, will consume all of your spare time.

We've got some stuff on our plates. First off, we need to get affiliated with other wikis. I'm specifically eyeing the Storytelling Wiki and Fanfiction Wiki, since they are so closely tied to our area of interest: writing. There's also the big alliances, which are relatively easy to join (in my experience). Once we team up with these wikis, we can start building a community by encouraging members of other alliances to post cross-platform.

After that we'll see where things go. This is a new experience for me--and I'm sure many of you--so I'm betting there will be a lot of adjustment and whatnot in the early days. But after that, the world is our oyster! I forsee awesome collaborations, groundbreaking publishing innovations, and even original styles of production/content creation. Most of all, I'm totally looking forward to what kind of original works fall into our greedy laps!

Thanks for joining the wiki, and...why are you still reading!? Write Now!

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