Hey all. Been a minute. This will be a quick post describing what's currently going on around the wiki and with me personally, your admin.

First off, this wiki hasn't seen a lot of activity for the past year or so. That's mainly due to a lack of new pages from existing users and a "visit and leave" culture from new users. Also contributing is the major issue of a lack of community interaction, which I as the admin must take responsibility for. I was focused focused on publishing my book, Knight of the Moon, and didn't have the time or energy to manage the wiki.

On that note, I'm currently working on a new series, a pretty big one, so I'm once again very distracted and unable to spend time on the wiki. I want you all to know, however, that I am putting together a plan to revamp the wiki, starting with our completely new mission of cataloguing serials across the web OURSELVES, without waiting for the author to post. We'll also include a general synopsis of what is happening in the series and any critical reaction it has received. The reason for this change is mainly to stick to Wikia's core principle of being a hotbed for information---in this case, information about any serial on the web (something that has never been done before)---but I also want to increase engagement with authors, giving them a reason to keep writing their serials and giving their readers a quick way to catch up with the serial's latest chapter. I think this would work out great!

So just hang tight as I muddle through this monster of a story I've got here, and things should get rolling soon. Cheers!

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