Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, humans and squirrels, I am pleased to announce a new category: Portfolios! (Previously the "Author list".)

This category is dedicated to grouping any category which focuses exclusively on one author's works. I went ahead and created category:Iloveflash's works to give an example. I encourage everyone else to review their works and add them to a similar category. Name your new category anything you want, but I recommend naming it after yourself so people will know right away who's work they're looking at.

Once the category is created, add that category to the Portfolios category, and you're done! Your body of work will now be featured in one easily accessible place.

With this new category, we can now start featuring authors' collections and perhaps even increasing your personal ranking through the badge system. (More on that later.) For now, there is a new section for Portfolios under the "Community" tab in the navbar.

Well? Get to it! Create a new category to group all your works, and add that category to the Portfolios category!

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