I want to give a public welcome to the Storytelling Wiki and Gallows Hill, the first two websites to join the Write Now Alliance! In order to welcome them properly, I need everyone's help. Please visit these wikis and write a simple "Hi, thanks for joining the Write Now Alliance" on the admins' message walls! You can throw in whatever awesome message you want as well. The links to each wiki's admin can be found below.

Things are looking up. The more wikis join our network, the more traffic we get, and potentially new members and works. I want these partnerships to be the first of many! Give them a HUGE welcome!

Storytelling Wiki admin: FortressSwan

Gallows Hill admin: OldOneX

And do say hello to other members on these wikis as well!

I have something of a plan in store for recruiting more websites. >:) Stay tuned!

Are you a wikia admin or blogger who wants to join our network? Click to add your site!

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