I have to recreate that for the Writers' Alliance. -_-; It will be the new template displayed at the bottom of our pages.

Once this template is made, I will simply add the wikis I want on the list, then drop the template on the new wiki's front page. If the admin removes it, their wiki is out of the alliance. If not, then they must be cool with it.

Mass incarceration.

In other news, I've been in concert with the wikia staff about issues with the navbar. You'll all notice that it updates almost never, and instead of displaying category items in order from newest first, it's displaying it oldest first. This means new additions to the categories will never appear in the navbar.

The wikia staff guy said it's supposed to display them by "most popular" first, which is just erroneous. So, I'll be devising a new system of categorizing which will allow newest works to be displayed first in the navbar. I'll try not to make you guys have to do anything.

Stay tuned!

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