This blog may be short, because I'm busy as hell right now.

Firstly, an update. The front page has been unlocked so that everyone can add their book covers to the gallery under the "Directory" tab. Please do not change anything about the front page. Only drop off your book covers in the gallery. Be sure to link the book cover to your story here on the wiki.

Second, an update. I'm currently working my butt off on Fiverr. This leaves me with less time than ever before, especially when you add my work on Metal Shadow. I'll be like a ghost around here from now until the forseeable future.

What would make me really happy is if you guys continued inviting people to join the wiki while I am distracted with these tasks. Try inviting one person a week. Also, remember the importance of giving feedback. If you are reading someone's work, tell them what you think. Your thoughts will become the writers' fuel and keep them coming back to the wiki!

Good, the blog was short. Now I can go back to work.

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