First I'd like to fire off a few friendly reminders that WaZelda failed to get his "Addicted" badge last month. This badge is for editing/commenting on the wiki for 100 days in a row. He already had the Devoted badge (edit/comment for 60 days) but he just didn't know when to quit. Instead he tried hard to maintain his high, like all addicts do, but in the end he crashed, like all addicts do, and also failed, like only he can.

Shot One



Shot Two


WaZelda's reward

Shot Three

Fire in the hole!

Aaand Goodbye

(Disclaimer: This is how we have fun. Don't take any of this seriously. Except the first gif, because that's hilarious and accurate and totally relevant to this situation. Take that seriously.)


In other news, how do you all feel about setting up a weekly chat? We have the chat feature enabled but never use it. This way we can become more like a real writing group. We can discuss everyone's current projects, things you're reading, your immediate writing stumbles, make plans for world domination, work on the wiki's design and layout, and so on. It'll be fun!

The current time I have in mind is midday on Sunday to sunset that day. This is a nice, wide time range so that everyone can participate at their leisure. Leave suggestions for other times in the comments. Otherwise, I'll see you all there!

FYI: the chat is right next to you. Literally. Just look to your right. Bit more. Right there. See? Yeah, I know, I agree. I bought a feather duster the other day.

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