Man, I'm so torn right now. On one hand, I'm knee-deep into the prologue of GEV, and it's starting to find a rhythm. On the other hand, it seems like every day someone asks me, "Omg what happened to Metal Shadow?? When are you continuing it?? Oh, alright, I just thought it was epic, don't mind me, do what you want." Damn you Foolz3h and other people I won't name.

Dammit, if you loved it so much, where's your name on the analytics chart. Hm. Point to it.

I've sort of given in already. I was planning to edit the last 3 chapters so that JP would send out an announcement to people that this thing still exists, but I'm starting to hate post-publishing editing with a passion now, plus those three chapters don't really need much in the way of it. So I guess the only logical thing to do is... *sigh* To put out a new chapter.

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