This has been mentioned before, so I'll make this blog quick. I'm in the process of developing a template that will be used to connect this wiki with other writing wikis around the Wikia network. This is some annoying, brain-busting code, so it will take a while. Once complete, other wikis (and offsite blogs) will be able to sign up to our network at a single location, and become featured anywhere on wikia that someone places the template. It's the same thing the Shonen Jump wikis do (scroll to the page bottom to see the templates).

But there's one more thing I realized the other day that needs to be done. We need a form for people to submit their stories to the site. Right now, you'd have to create a new article and you are free to enter whatever you want about your story, but we need to streamline this process and make all submissions more uniform. Kinda like Webfiction Guide and Muses Success do. This, however, will probably take much longer to implement, because I have no idea how to create forms on wikia.

If you guys know anyone who's good at wiki coding, send them our way to help out with these two projects. I could use a hand!

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