It has been some time, hasn't it. I really thought I'd get back to the wiki during the holidays. The reason I didn't had nothing to do with lack of time, just my attention being elsewhere.

Recently, all my creative energy have gone into a different project. I'm making an educational video series called "fysikk med Eivind" regarding physics for high school in Norway, and I've gotten positive feedback in addition to about 3000 views on youtube, which I think is pretty good considering the size of the demographic Norwegian high school students who take physics. I don't see myself going back to writing fiction until I've finished the videos for the course Physics 1, and I'm probably more likely to move on to Physics 2 afterwards. I might even expand and do the same for math courses (of which there are plenty).

Still, I could have been around here to read you guys' stories (and I will try to read them from now on). The reason I haven't is mostly because I have started reading "A song of Ice and Fire" (And I'm still only 28% through the five-book version on kindle).

So, I'll be around. Not sure to what degree I'll read new stuff, but I'll definitely try to catch up on my favorite series like In Evening and Metal Shadow.

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