Oh, and what a beautiful year it is so far. 2014 is everything we made it out to be. If you (like the Write Now Wiki) are reading this and it is not 2014 yet, I pity you. I pity you for still lingering in the inferior year of 2013. I hope you are prepared to handle the sheer volume of awesome that hits you in the face as the year changes. I hope you are truly prepared to enter the year of all years, the yearliest year since the dawn of time - by some even called the year to end all years.

Step forth into a new era.

(If you do read this in 2014, feel free to disregard the entire blog post up to this point... Except the title. Unless you are far into 2014, in which case you can disregard the title as well... And if you read this after 2014 and want to argue that your year is better, then you, sir, are a casual and have no taste in years).

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