I had hoped to start being productive once summer came along, but as it stands I'm having difficulties. I've finished two more timelines of A River of Godsblood and would like to finish the other two in that branch before I translate, but I'm just not feeling it. I also think the ending to the timelines I did write were rather weak and I should go back and edit them.

I have considered taking a break from ARoGB and maybe start on a Super Police reboot, but I feel like I should make a plan this time so I have a better idea where I'm going, and somehow whenever the idea of planning comes into my head I cringe and watch something on youTube instead.

Then again, I also have plenty of ideas for new projects I would like to write at some point, but that just comes back to the whole planning problem.

Anyway, as far as reading goes, I won't be active in the union for a while. My uncle gifted me two books on Kindle that he had written himself (and published under a pseudonym) and I'm giving those priority over the union. I like to not read to many stories at a time and rather try to be more involved in the ones I do read, so I guess I'll come around to the union afterwards. In case someone is interested, this is the book I'm currently reading:


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